A Look At The 2022/2023 Season Models

I’ve been working on improving and updating the models used for the 2021/2022 season projections for next season. Now at the mid-point of the season, there’s enough data to start making some preliminary projections for the 2022/2023 season. With the trade deadline approaching, some teams will be starting to look at next year already so it’s time to a take the new models out of the box and peek at some early projections for next season.

Biggest Surprises of the 21/22 Season: Point % Edition

We’re now well into the 21/22 NHL season and teams have generally settled into a pecking order in the standings. Some teams are performing as expected. Others are not. Let’s take a look at which teams have been the biggest surprises relative to the model projections so far this season in terms of overall performance.

Regular Season Brief: Nov 24

andings are starting to take shape as we approach the quarter mark of the season. Historically, most teams that sit in playoff positions at American Thanksgiving are still there at the end of the season. Yet there are most often a few surprises mixed in. This week, we’ll look for one team in each division that appears most likely to break into the playoff picture over the rest of the season, along with one team that looks most likely to fall out.

Regular Season Brief: Nov 17

e’re now far enough into the season that we’re starting to the see the true strength of most teams. The bubble has burst on some teams who got off to hot starts, while others who started slow relative to expectations have started picking up points. Let’s take a look at the past week around the league.

NHL Regular Season Brief: Nov 10

Since last week’s update, we’ve seen a number of season opening streaks come to an end. The Carolina Hurricanes were handed their first loss by the Florida Panthers, the Panthers picked up their first regulation loss against the New York Rangers, and the Coyotes finally found the win column against the Seattle Kraken. The Dallas Stars now have the only active season opening streak, as they are the only team without a regulation win. Let’s recap how each division has fared over the past week.

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