Regular Season Brief: Nov 24

andings are starting to take shape as we approach the quarter mark of the season. Historically, most teams that sit in playoff positions at American Thanksgiving are still there at the end of the season. Yet there are most often a few surprises mixed in. This week, we’ll look for one team in each division that appears most likely to break into the playoff picture over the rest of the season, along with one team that looks most likely to fall out.

2021-2022 Regular Season Update: Oct 20

We’re now over a week into the new season and all 32 teams have seen action. Let’s take a look at some of the more significant roster news since my last update on Oct 15 along with updated projections based on the roster updates and actual results through the first week of the season.

2021-2022 Preseason Update: October 11

We’ve made it to the eve of a new season. The games count starting tomorrow and we have a pretty good picture of each team as we head into the regular season. Let’s take a final look at the projected standings by division before the puck drop on a new season, along with a review of some of the key player absences as the season gets underway.

2021 Offseason Update: July 27-29 – Western Conference

With the free agent frenzy starting to subside, I’m looking through each team’s moves over the past few days and analyzing their roster as it sits now.¬†While we should expect a few more notable roster moves before training camps open, we probably have a reasonable picture of how things will look at this point.

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